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QC Criteria



Water Absorption

Max 0.5%

Water Absorption (Roto-printing Stain)

Max 0.3%

Moisture Content

Max 0.5%

Particle size (Glaze Stain)

45μm <0.5%

Particle size (Body Stain)

45μm <1.0%

Particle size (Roto-printing Stain)

38μm <0.2%


Max 1.0


max 0.5







Quality is always the priority when we participate and provide for customer's satisfaction.  

Seyuan has thoroughly surpassed the criteria and regulations of Quality Control System in ISO9001:2000 to meet national and international conditions.  

Seyuan QC system is structured according to company operations, market demands of international and customer's requirements & technology; our QC system has been designed and implemented in accordance with the ISO9001 Standards as well as 5S regulations.

Seyuan always keeps quality improvement in mind. "upgrading customers’ satisfaction" is our principal of QC. In order to achieve it, consequently all the goals we have set are to become a successful and competitive company, depending not only on our resources, our organization and our commitments, but also on our positive attitude toward Quality. It is our unrelenting pursuit of Quality and the soul of our company policy.

Standard Package

A.    Domestic Market: standard moisture proof complex plastic yellow bag, 25kg/bag.

B.    Overseas market: Standard moisture proof complex brown paper bag, 25kg/bag, 40 bags/pallet packed in inter-twist plastic strap.

C.    Remarks: Marking color name, code No., batch No. and net weight on each bag, marking marks on each pallet.

QC Control Procedure

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